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Robotiq Machine Tending solution for machine tool tending


The latest easy-automation solution from RARUK Automation makes it viable for any SME, regardless of their size or level of experience, to introduce automatic parts loading in just 2 – 3 hours. The Robotiq cobot Machine Tending Solution is the latest in a series of off-the-shelf kits that has allowed RARUK Automation – Robotiq’s current ‘Best Expert Partner in Europe’ – to give manufacturers the uncomplicated and inexpensive means to automate common tasks and boost productivity.

A rapid ROI on this solution is assured even with high-mix, low volume automation. It provides SMEs with the assurance that shopfloor performance can be boosted at any time by accessible automation.

The Robotiq robotic Machine Tending Solution can be applied to any brand or type of CNC machine without any modification. Instead of hard-wiring the machine, as is required with traditional automation, non-invasive modules manage communication with the machine’s interface, greatly reducing deployment time. Indeed, installation is so easy, it can be done by a non-certified technician.

The Robotiq Machine Tending Solution can be applied to any brand or type of CNC machine without any modification

The powerful Machine Tending Copilot software guides the set-up process, starts the machine cycle, monitors its status and controls workholding. It also allows programmes to be created up to 75% quicker than by traditional programming thanks to key waypoint setting and simple action menus. Movement between key waypoints is optimised so the best path through the pre-defined work area is followed, automatically avoiding collisions.

The core Robotiq Machine Tending Solution comprises the Machine Tending Copilot software, the Robotiq MT control, pneumatic panel, button activator, air nozzle kit and machine interface. Single and double gripper choices complete the package. Options include a Robotiq wrist camera, ideal for faster blank programming and picking parts in an unstructured environment.


URCaps plug-and-play allows the Robotiq package to be easily integrated with a choice of Universal Robot arm, also available from RARUK Automation. The compatible models extend from the UR3e, with a payload of 3kg and a reach of 500mm, to the UR16e with 16kg capacity and 900mm reach.

It will also be compatible with Universal Robot’s newly launched UR20, which will be available in 2023.

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