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Manual Slides

The IEF Werner range of domiLINE manually adjusted slides for all types of linear and rotary precision positioning

domiLINE is a manual adjustment unit which offers an excellent solution where manual precision adjustment is required.

domiLINE presents a multitude of opportunities across a variety of industry sectors. From food and packaging industries to machine builders, instrument makers and toolmakers, through to scientific and laboratory applications, the domiLINE manual adjuster provides perfect automation control, allowing you to build any number of variations onto a flexible device. Setting adjustments via sensor and camera mounted on domiLINE allow you to create a highly tailored automation solution to your company’s needs.

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domiLINE manual adjusters for precision motion control

What applications are domiLINE suitable for?

  • fine adjustment of sensors
  • 3D measurement
  • centric adjustment of lateral guides
  • focusing of pilot lights

Standard connecting and assembly plates allow for easy multi directional axis combinations to be achieved. Whilst the domiLINE unit is set to a standard length, the length may be customised to suit individual requirements thus providing precision positioning. The unit consists of an outer and inner slide which contain two high-quality V2A guide shafts. High load ratings and positive friction coefficients are achievable thanks to the strong surface-hardened guide surfaces. Inductive switches may be easily installed from a carriage width of 80mm. The stroke is produced as an outcome of the difference in length between the inner and outer slides.

As a result of this motion control technology the manual adjuster could prove invaluable in a vast number of applications. So whatever the industry, our domiLINE manual adjusters offer precision automation to give you the edge in today’s competitive business environment.

Standard Adjusters

  • The standard adjustment slide system satisfies any individual requirement. Every axis configuration is conceivable, whether  it be X-Y, X-Z, X-Y-Z or X-Y-Y-Y or, or, or…
  • Four slide widths are available:
    • 30 mm
    • 50 mm
    • 80 mm
    • 120 mm
  • The standard manual slides are complete with spindle and are pre-assembled
  • Available in standard strokes or in customer-specific strokes


domiLINE manual adjusters for precision motion control

High-Precision Adjusters

  • For the highest precision, these slides are made of high-quality cast iron GG25 and can be customised to be nickel-plated or anodised aluminium.
  • The precision slides can have standard drilling patterns, T-slots, clamps, covers and wipers.
  • Complex multi-axis systems can be set up with mounting brackets.
  • Features of the precision adjusters are:
    • Different guide types are possible: roller, ball, needle, plastic-coated sliding guides, dovetail
    • Bespoke customer drilling patterns
    • Bespoke creation of STEP files
    • Sending the design data by e-mail in STEP format

Coordinate Tables

  • The IEF Werner coordinate tables are particularly suitable for drilling or milling applications due to its high load capacity.
  • The features of the coordinate tables are:
    • finely ground dovetail guides
    • Table surfaces correspondingly plane-parallel and with precise angles
    • Spindle hardened + ground, pitch accuracy 0.01 to 300 mm
    • Slotted bronze nut
    • Millimeter rulers with pointers
    • Large scale rings, adjustable and hard chrome plated
    • Fixing by means of clamping screws
    • High resilience
    • Material GG
    • Spindle supported axially and radially
    • Parallel infeed bars for safe guidance

Standard Rotary Adjusters

  • The manually operated rotary adjusters with high-quality worm gears are made of stainless steel and have quick and precise adjustment functions.
  • The features of the Standard Rotary Adjusters are:
    • High reproducibility of the position
    • Quick adjustments
    • Reading accuracy of  0.5°
    • Compact design

Rotary Adjuster with Hollow Shaft

  • These Rotary Adjusters have hollow shafts to place hoses and cables and are made of stainless steel.
  • The features of the hollow rotary adjusters are:
    • Possibility of backlash adjustment
    • Reading accuracy 0.5°
    • high reproducibility of the position
    • compact design