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Manual Slides

IEF Manually Adjusted Slides

Standard Adjusters

  • Infinite diversity!
  • The spindle-driven slide system domiLINE made of aluminium.

High-Precision Adjusters

  • The high-precision carriages are made of high-quality cast iron GG 25.
  • On request, they can also be made chemically nickel-plated or in anodised aluminium.

Coordinate Tables

  • Coordinate tables – particularly robust!
  • They are particularly suitable for drilling or milling applications.

Standard Rotary Adjusters

  • The rotary adjusters of the MDV series made of stainless steel have quick and fine adjustment functions.
  • For diverse use.

Rotary Adjuster Hollow Shaft

  • The rotary adjusters of the MDV series 80/100 and 100/140 have a hollow shaft, e.g. to place hoses and cables.
  • They are made of aluminium and stainless steel.