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Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

We are proud to be the UK’s only Universal Robot Platinum Partner.

UR is market leader in the field of collaborative robots, having been the first to launch a robot that could operate safely alongside humans.

Universal Robots have continued to provide user-friendly, reliable and affordable cobots to meet the production needs of small-to-medium sized companies manufacturing today.

Cobots are becoming increasingly popular as they can automate a range of applications including:-

UR + Plug and Play Accessories

With our vast experience in automation and as the only Universal Robots Platinum Distributor in the UK, we are aware of the crucial role cobots play in carrying out a wide variety of tasks for many industries.

We provide a range of plug-and-play robotic end effectors which increases the flexibility of your cobot, enabling it to be adapted to a variety of applications.

Our plug and play accessories are all designed to provide you with tailored robotic solutions.  All you need to do is plug and play.

Our range of plug and play accessories includes:

Collaborative Robots and UR+ Plug and Play Accessories

Expert support, tailored to you:

We understand that downtime costs your business both time and money so we are committed to providing you with exceptional aftersales service and support to keep your business running smoothly.

We offer a range of services at affordable prices to ensure your robot performs at optimum efficiency.

Condition inspection

Universal Robots do not require routine maintenance, however over time they may be subject to wear and tear. We offer a service to inspect your robots to ensure they are in a condition to keep production up and running.

Spare Parts

We hold critical spare parts for the majority of our robots and can source all replacement parts on short lead times.  In addition, you may wish to hold stock of spare parts for your robot to reduce unplanned downtime and make a positive impact on your bottom line. Speak to one of our technical experts for more advice.


If it should happen that your robot needs to be repaired, please get in touch.  We pride ourselves on providing you with a friendly, polite and professional repair service, either in the convenience of your own premises or here at our headquarters in Bedfordshire.

Universal Robots Training

We run a certified Universal Robots Training Academy here in the UK where you can benefit from the in-house training courses to really make full use of your UR collaborative robot.

Technical Support

If you need help with your UR Robot, we are on hand.  Contact us now for support and technical advice or to receive manuals & software downloads.