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Surface Finishing Solutions

Robots can help manufacturers automate their surface finishing requirements to succeed in today’s challenging marketplace where labour shortages, increasing costs and demands for higher quality are commonplace.

Our surface finishing solution provides sanding and polishing craftsmanship with the consistency and precision of a Universal Robot to enable manufacturers to keep pace with demand whilst maintaining quality.

We offer a personalised service where we visit you at your premises to see first-hand the nature of your manufacturing task.  We can then offer two possible solutions:-

  • The Robotiq Sanding Kit for straightforward applications
  • In the case of more complex tasks, the Mirka® Automation and Sanding and Polishing kit for Universal Robots

Whatever solution we recommend, you can be sure that the result will be pure craftsmanship with the consistency and precision of a robot.

What’s more, because our cobot sanding and polishing solutions can be used on a range of different materials – wood, plastic, metal, fibreglass, solid surfaces and carbon fibre – there is no end to the number of industries which can benefit from this solution.

Mirka AIROS cobot sanding and polishing

What are the benefits of our robotic sanding kits?

There are many benefits associated with automating your sanding and polishing tasks:

  • Greater productivity
  • Increased quality and productivity
  • Programming time is reduced from hours to minutes
  • Reduced maintenance costs and increased profitability
  • Frees up your employees for higher value tasks reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury
  • Fast return on investment
Robotiq sanding kit for cobot automation

Robotiq Sanding Kit

The Robotiq Sanding Kit application automates sanding tasks to increase both quality and productivity. A complete robotic sanding solution, it is ideal for use on a range of different materials including wood, plastic, metal, fibreglass, solid surfaces and carbon fibre. The collaborative robots can be customised for deployment into woodworking applications, for example auto-program sanding paths for complex parts, helping to ensure consistent surface finishes for each product. Pairing a human worker with a cobot can improve productivity by 85% while enabling multishift and/or ‘lights-out’ production.

Normal sanding applications require many hardware and software components; integration can normally take months. But not anymore! The Robotiq Sanding kit combines all of the hardware and software you need to automate your surface finishing tasks.

The Robotiq Force Co-pilot software makes programming easier. The set nodes open up the force torque sensor to allow the programming of complex robot movements in minutes—no robotics expertise needed.

The Robotiq Sanding Kit includes the Orbital Tool, Bracket, Sanding Media, Robotiq Finishing Copilot, Quick Start Guide and Air Control Accessories.

robotic sanding and polishing kit

Mirka® Automation Sanding and Polishing kit for Universal Robots

Mirka Automation + Universal Robots Collaborative Solutions

We work with Mirka® to offer a range of solutions for the automation of more complex sanding and polishing applications.  The range of Mirka® robotic sanders includes the first smart electric sander for industrial robots and cobots, the Mirka® AIROS. Designed by dedicated surface finishing professionals, this automated industrial random orbital sander is easy to integrate and delivers high-quality results for different manufacturing industries in both sanding and polishing applications.

The UR+ certified kit includes the Mirka® tool and its motor drive cabinet, cabling and the required UR adaptor flange.

A Mirka® abrasive sample kit is also included.

This Universal Robots Kit is available for all the Mirka® Robotic Sanding heads: the AIROS, AIOS and AIROP models.


Mirka cobot sanding solution