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Fluid Dispenser Solutions

Automated fluid dispensers are devices which can be fixed to collaborative robots to ensure the accurate delivery of fluids within a production setup. The airless (air-free) dispensing solutions allow for precise, accurate and reliable robotic fluid dispensing to your exact specifications, be that high tolerance control of volume, pressure, flow and/or fluid placement.

AIM Robotics Dispenser Solutions


AIM Robotics automated fluid dispenser solutions provide a user-friendly and versatile add-on that makes robotic dispensing accessible within a wide range of production setups.

A Plug & Play dispensing solution, the AIM Robotic Dispenser can be mounted onto any type of collaborative robot. Once plugged in they do not require time or technical expertise to install. Dispensing solutions can be set up in 10 minutes and can dispense a range of fluids including grease, silicone and adhesives to suit your needs.

Product range available:

  • SD 30/55 Air-Less Syringe dispenser
  • FD400
  • FD High-V

Product Benefits:

  • No pneumatic air required
  • Easy installation and set up
  • High repeatability of dispenser fluid delivery
  • Allows for accurate placement on any shape, surface or orientation in continuous motion
  • Fully integrates with all cobots from the Universal Robots range
  • Meets all collaborative robot safety standards