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Roller Modules

When mounted to the top of AMRs, roller modules can provide your operation with flexible conveyor solutions. Allowing you to automate loading and unloading operations, and carry out scheduled pick-up and delivery tasks, roller modules are powerful additions to your fleet.

With a ROEQ roller module attached, AMRs can autonomously transport products, materials, supplies, parts or goods in manufacturing facilities, institutions and warehouses.

ROEQ Top Modules come with three built-in sensors:

  • Optical sensors to identify the stationary conveyor station, ensuring precise alignment
  • Front payload sensors to ensure the correct receiving of packages from a station
  • Rear payload sensors to ensure optimal placement of a package on the top roller

ROEQ Roller Modules Available:

  • TR125
  • TR125 Auto
  • TR500
  • TR500 Auto
  • TR1000
  • TR1000 Auto

Cart/Rack Modules

ROEQ Cart/Rack modules, when mounting to the top of your AMRs, help to maximise the internal transport of pallets, skids and boxes.

ROEQ Carts/Racks Modules Available:

  • TMC300
  • TMC300Ext
  • TMR150
  • TMS-C300Ext

Carts & Racks

The ROEQ carts and racks lock to the cart/rack top module and the docking station with their patented locking mechanism. This locking system allows the system managing the robot fleet to know where the carts and racks are at all times.

Your operation can use several carts and racks in the same fleet to increase the flexibility, payload, capacity and efficiency of your AMRs.

Rails with rounded edges can be added to provide support for larger goods, such as pallets.

ROEQ Carts & Racks Available:

  • Cart300E – Easy-to-pull-out
  • Cart300p – Precision
  • S-Cart300L (S-Cart for lifter)
  • Rack150
  • Rack

Lifter Modules

When an AMR fitted with a lifter module arrives at a ROEQ docking station, the lifting mechanism enables the loading and unloading of goods, for example to an assembly line.

There are two different docking stations available for the top module TML150, one with fixed height and one with adjustable height.

ROEQ Lifter Modules Available:

  • TML150
  • TM150 Forks
  • TML200
  • TML200 Forks
  • TML1000

Docking Stations

ROEQ’s Docking Stations are the perfect solution for precise docking of ±1mm.

Wall mounted, the ROEQ’s Docking Stations take up less space, are flexible and easily moved around your factory floor.

Also available, the Easy-Pull-Out range is suited to collaborative set-ups where staff handle the carts manually.

ROEQ Docking Stations Available:

  • DS100/200P Floor
  • DS100/200P Ext Floor
  • DS100/200P Wall
  • DS100/200PE Floor
  • DS100/200PE Ext Floor
  • DS100/200PE Wall

GuardCom System

The ROEQ GuardCom System enables quick, reliable, stable data transfer/wireless communication between ROEQ top rollers and stationary conveyor stations via robust sensor technologies.

You’ll no longer be at the mercy of an unstable Wi-Fi connection and you’ll get better utilization of your MiR robots.

  • Reliable – not dependent on WIFI
  • Safe exchange of goods
  • Physical guard as an added safety feature to safeguard goods from rolling off or dangling from the conveyors
  • Short cycle time for tasks
  • Easy to set up
  • Install directly on conveyors
  • Compatible with all MiR platforms
  • Compatible with all ROEQ top rollers and all stationary conveyor stations
  • Low cost of ownership