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ER-FLEX Mobile Cobot

Much more than an AMR robot, the ER-FLEX Mobile Cobot from Enabled Robotics is an automated transportation robot with the flexibility of a robot arm. Ideal for addressing labour shortages and automating repetitive tasks these mobile collaborative robots are fully autonomous and don’t need to run on tracks. They can even run lights-out. ER-FLEX Mobile Cobot series can be configured to meet your requirements. A choice of module heights, cobot arm and end-of-arm tools means you have the freedom to expand the range of tasks your ER-FLEX Mobile Cobot is able to do.

ER-FLEX mobile industrial robots for internal logitics

The ER-FLEX Mobile Cobot is ideal for the following applications:

  • Machine tending
  • Picking and packing
  • Material handling
  • Sample collection and transportation
  • Medical and pharmaceutical laboratory automation
  • Warehouse automation

Why use the ER-FLEX Mobile Cobot?

  • Easy to programme
  • Pre-programmed commands for ease of use
  • Collaborative and safe
  • Swift and painless setup
  • Web-based user interface that can be operated from your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Flexible automation (fully aligns with your factory automation)
ER-FLEX & MiR250 & Universal Robot & robot gripper

ER-FLEX 250-10e

The ER-FLEX 250 series has a longer daily running time of up to 20 hours* with optimised charging and can carry larger loads of up to 186 kg. Choose between UR5e/UR10e/UR16e

ER-FLEX & MiR250 & Universal Robot & robot gripper

ER-FLEX 250ESD-16e

The ER-FLEX ESD is designed for the electronics and semiconductor manufacturing industry for the safe handling of electronic components.

ER-FLEX & MiR250 & Universal Robot & robot gripper

The ER-FLEX Mobile Cobot Configuration Options

The mobile robot platform

The ER-FLEX Mobile Cobot is designed to mount the MiR250  mobile industrial robot

The Module

The ER-FLEX Mobile Cobot is available in two sizes: Low (standard) and High. Custom colours are available on request.

The collaborative robot arm

The top-mounted 6-axis Universal Robots is available in three sizes depending on your weight requirement. Option are a choice of: UR16e, UR10e and UR5e.

End of arm tooling and accessories

A choice of robot grippers, tool changer options and integrated vision in addition to cobot cable guides, MiR charging stations and other accessories to suit your application needs.

ER-FLEX mobile industrial robots for internal logitics

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