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Meet the Screwdriving Solution from Robotiq!

Increase your throughput with an efficient and reliable solution that can put an end to the risk of product recall and assembly-line downtime.The Robotiq screwdriving solution simplifies programming by automating the force-capabilities and communication between the screwdriver, screw feeder, robot and vacuum technology. This robotic solution has been designed to free employees for higher-value tasks, keeping the workforce happier.

Included in the Screwdriving Solution:

  • Robotiq Screwdriver SD-100
  • Robotiq Screw Feeder SF-300
  • Vacuum sleeves kit
  • Screwdriver bits kit
  • Robotiq Force Copilot license dongle
  • Robotiq Screwdriving URCap (application software

Benefits of the Screwdriving Solution

  • 5-minute production changeovers – within five minutes, the robotic solution can be reconfigured for alternate production.
  • Consistent screwdriving – eliminate the risk of product recall and assembly-line downtime, and increase your throughput with this reliable and efficient solution.
  • Intuitive to deploy- you will find that the screwdriving application fits perfectly onto a cobot – you don’t even need to have any robotic experience to master this solution.
  • Simple to use – Robotiq provide free online training for the Screwdriving Solution. Ensuring you know how to make the most out of your robotic solution.

Features of the Screwdriving Solution

  • Toolbar – the UR toolbar controls the screwdriver function, allowing you to use or test it.
  • Pick command – an automatic function to detect whether the space in front of the feeder is clear and whether a screw is ready to be picked.
  • Screwdriving command – force-sensing capabilities to teach by demonstration.