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Robotiq Vision

The Perfect fit for Universal Robots

Proud recipient of the 2022 Robotiq Expert Partner

Wrist Camera

The Robotiq wrist camera provides flexibility and adaptability to your cobot, enabling you to automate the process of inspecting and picking parts repeatedly. It is designed for quick and easy integration with Universal Robot cobots and can be set up quickly – no technical expertise required.

Versatility is also a key feature as the wrist camera can be combined with a range of end-of-arm tools including the Robotiq 2 finger electric grippers, Hand-E grippers and Vacuum grippers

The wrist camera will enable you to automate your processes, increase effectiveness and output whilst ensuring the highest quality.

Use the free UR+ programming software to install it on a Universal Robots arm in minutes.

  • Plug and Play vision designed for all Universal Robots
  • 5 minute setup, no coding required
  • No external controller required to setup, program or run camera
  • Slim, compact aluminium body with sealed hardware for industrial needs.
  • Automatic and manual adjustment of lighting, focus, exposition, and more
  • Easy part teaching with three flexible methods, including CAD file import to ensure the best possible modelMachine Tending Wrist Camera Application Video
Robotiq wrist camera