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3rd - 4th November 2020

Robotics & Automation Exhibition

Ricoh Arena, Coventry More Info
1st-2nd October 2020


Ricoh Arena, Coventry

At this year’s show we’ll be showcasing the EffiMat system, with patented Box Mover Technology, that can pick five items at the same time from

different positions within its vertical shelving systems and deliver them all to the picking station on the same tray. This is in sharp contrast to established competitor systems that require a single item to be picked before the code can be entered for the next.

Visitors to the show will also see the NEW MiR250 AMR robot.  These AMRs have taken the industry by storm thanks to their extraordinary flexibility and smart technology. A key benefit of the MiR system is that it requires no network of expensive and inflexible wires or sensors to guide its path. So, it’s simple to integrate and provides a fast return on investment.

Several models cater for various payloads and they are all designed to be collaborative. Multiple built-in safety features, including dynamic safe zone monitoring, ensure the robots manoeuvre efficiently around people and objects in highly dynamic warehouse environments.

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