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Cartesian Systems

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Cartesian Robots

Cartesian robots from Shibaura Machine have been used by manufacturers for around 40 years.
These user-friendly robots have been designed for simplicity and can be programmed and reprogrammed easily.
They are also perfect for tasks where a high level of precision is required.

The Cartesian robots have 3 axes of motion enabling them to move in 3 directions – up and down, forwards and backwards, and left and right. This simplicity means that, when combined with the appropriate end effector, the Cartesian robot will undertake certain common applications with the highest precision, for example:-

• 3D printing
• CNC applications
• Inspection
• PCB assembly
• Pick and place
• Plasma/laser cutting
• Wood routing

Given the breadth of applications for which they can be used, Cartesian robots can help manufacturers in many industries including:-

• Aerospace
• Food and beverage
• Metals
• Packaging
• PCB manufacturers
• Pharmaceutical

Cartesian robots offer simplicity, precision and reliability, and can give manufacturers significant return on their investment.


Shibaura Machine 3 axis Cartesian rob ot for auto mation