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Bowl Feeders – MAFU

Pre-sorting, sorting, transporting and delivering parts

Feeding bowls are an important piece of equipment in automating the feeding and sorting of parts in manufacturing processes in the the following industries:

Medical and pharmaceutical industry
Electrical & Electronics Industry
Automotive industry and its suppliers
Cosmetics industry
Food industry
Plastics industry
Furniture industry
Toy industry
and many more…

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Polyamide Bowl Feeder

MAFU-PA bowl feeders are vibratory feeders which are suitable for pre-sorting, sorting, transporting and delivering parts.

MAFU-PA bowl feeders are designed to the customer’s specifications on a 3D CAD system. The feeder machine is then manufactured by 5 axis machining.

This allows the plastic vibratory bowl to be flexibly designed, leading to exceptional quality and the best possible sorting and feeding performance.

MAFU Polyamide Bowl Feeder is powerful, reliable and used in many industries for feeding and sorting small and complex components

Steel Bowl Feeder

MAFU steel bowl feeders are suitable for pre-sorting, sorting, transporting and delivering parts.

A wide selection of sizes and designs means the steel bowl feeder can be adapted to any bulk material to be transported.  The conveyor system ensures the feeding, sorting and positioning of a wide variety of parts in a uniform manner.  They are available in 3 different designs: cylindrical, conical and stepped.

MAFU steel bowl feeder for sorting and transporting parts

Drum Feeder ‘Big’

The MAFU ‘Big’ drum feeder feed system has been designed to allow several feed lines to be set up even within the tightest of spaces.
In most cases 5 or 6 feed lines are sufficient however MAFU Automation has already achieved auto feeding solutions on up to 43 lines.

The robust MAFU “BIG” drum conveyor is designed for processing tough components such as screws, bolts, sleeves or nails so that even when the feed solution runs 24 hours a day, only minor signs of wear will occur.

MAFU 'Big' drum feeder can supply up to 43 production lines with components such as screws, bolts and nails in the tightest of spaces.