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RARUK Automation and our partners often host webinars to share knowledge and information about robotics and automation solutions.

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How to successfully adopt the latest technology in Third-Party Logistics

Discover how third-party logistics & manufacturing companies can utilise the latest robotics & automation technologies to improve workflow, daily pick rates and streamline storage solutions.
This webinar will tell you:
• How automation can maximise efficiency in modern production sites
• How automated storage solutions (such as the Effimat System) are being used to streamline and speed-up picking
• How automation can improve internal transportation in your sites, using technologies such as Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)
• How Cobots (collaborative robots) can be utilised in logistical applications

How automation can help you build your Furniture business

Are you interested in learning more about how robotic automation can enhance your furniture business? Discover how to successfully install collaborative robots to improve productivity and quality in your furniture production operation. We discuss automated solutions including robotic sanding and polishing, automated screwdriving, robotic palletising.