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Robotic Bin Picking Kit

From Robotiq and Pickit

The Bin Picking Kit from Robotiq and Pickit is a highly efficient way to automate your pick and place processes in a manufacturing environment.

Using 3D vision, the cobot will select the correct component from randomly placed objects located in bins, boxes or pallets and place them onto an assembly line or into a machine, depending on the needs of your application.

Guided by Pick-it M-HD, which is a 3D robot vision system, the robot can locate, pick, handle and place complex 3D parts made of different materials such as cardboard, glass, sheet metal (dry) and plastic.  The system is simple to use and can be set up quickly. Your robot can begin to pick and place goods without delay. This is the ideal integrated robot vision solution to automate your pick and place assembly, improve speed and consistency of your process.

The kit is compatible with UR5e, UR10e, and UR16e Universal Robots and with bins measuring up to 800 x 600 x 450mm abd handling parts of a minimum size of 10 x 10 x 5mm or flat parts at least 1.5mm thick.

The Kit includes:

Rob ot Cobot bin picking solution from UR robot and Robotiq using a robotic arm

What are the key features of the robotic bin picking kit?

• Fast, easy setup – avoids expensive programming and training of users
• Uses 3D vision camera to recognise the parts in the bin
• Selects and picks the part, can recognise components even when they are overlapping
• Detect parts in all colours and in most materials
• Works in varying light conditions

Bin picking cobot auto mation, fast easy set up

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  • Specific eLearning available for the Bin Picking Kit
  • Find out quickly if it can work for you
  • Expert guidance
  • Dedicated application trainers
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