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The ClassicMat™ is a warehouse storage solution used to reach optimum flexibility and storage efficiency.

The vertical lift module has an optional tilt function for improved ergonomics, allowing employees to work in the optimal position and ensuring a beneficial picking height. You will also find that the automated storage system can provide:

  • Compact storage for long and heavy items
  • High quality and reliability due to the rack and pinion principle
  • High vertical driving speed
  • Automatically optimised running speed relative to bearing load
  • Simple integration into already existing warehouse management systems
  • Well-placed safety light barriers for safe picking
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)

The ClassicMat™ is the ideal solution for warehouse automation: it cuts space requirements by up to 85% compared to traditional shelving storage solutions and is particularly suitable for handling long (up to 4m) and heavy items.

ClassicMat Automated Storage Solutions