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Robotic Palletising Solution

Palletising is a simple, repetitive task. It is also one of the most common robot applications in many industries. The Robotiq Palletising Solution is flexible, quick to install and easy-to-set-up as the hardware and software are already connected. It’s also easy to adapt to other manufacturing lines making this robotic palletising solution just what your facility needs in order to increase efficiency.

What’s included:

  1. Robot Base
  2. Fully Integrated Vertical 7th Axis
  3. AirPick, Bracket, Suction Cups
  4. Status Lights, Pallet and Box Sensors
  5. Cable Management System
  6. Application Software: Material Handling Copilot


  • Quick and easy to install, set up and configure
  • All hardware and software already connected
  • Fits easily into an existing floor plan
  • Application set up on the robot in 3 simple steps
  • Solution can pick a wide range of boxes
  • Solution can cover extensive heights and pallet dimensions
  • Software allows for a seamless and user-friendly experience

Start your project

Try the easy-to-use robotic palletising simulator, allowing you to validate your choice to invest with your own data.

All you need to do is:

  1. Enter the box dimensions
  2. Enter the pallet dimensions
  3. Enter the conveyor dimensions
  4. Enter the pallet pattern and number of layers desired

The configuator will then tell you if your boxes, pallets and patterns fall within the solution’s limits and if yes, more information will be provided.