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Flexible Feeder – Flexibowl

Ideal for frequent production changeovers or volume changes

FlexiBowl Feeding System

FlexiBowl is an automatic bulk parts feeding system which allows entire families of parts to be fed into the assembly process, regardless of their shape, fragility, material composition, weight and surface characteristics, ideal for manufacturers whose production involves frequent product changeovers and reduced volumes.

Parts are separated through the combined actuation of servomotor and impulse generator. These shaking movements allow parts to arrange and lie on feeder surface with the right orientation, so that a vision system can locate them and send coordinates to a robot for pick up.

FlexiBowl has a UR+ certified URCap with the latest generation Universal Robots and is soon to be fully compatible to work with Shibaura Machine SCARA robots

Product Range

FlexiBowl® 200
FlexiBowl® 350
FlexiBowl® 500
FlexiBowl® 650
FlexiBowl® 800
Recommended part size 1>x<10 mm 1>x<15 mm 5>x<50 mm 20>x<110 mm 60>x<250 mm
Recommended part weight <30 gr <40 gr <100 gr <170 gr <250 gr
Bulk storage capacity 1÷5 dm³ 5÷10 dm³ 10÷20 dm³ 20÷40 dm³ 20÷40 dm³
Backlight Area (Dim.) 180x52,5 mm 230x78,5 mm 334x167 mm 404x250 mm 404x325 mm
Backlight Area 90 cm² 166 cm² 513 cm² 922 cm² 1125 cm²
Max Payload 1 kg 3 kg 7 kg 7 kg 7 kg
Pick level from plate 270 mm 270 mm 270 mm 270 mm 270 mm
Weight 18 kg 25 kg 42 kg 54 kg 71 kg


Rotary Discs

Rotary discs are available in various colours, textures and adhesion degrees on all sizes. Discs are compatible with FDA and antistatic requirements. Easy to clean up. Customised discs upon request.

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NEW Custom Made

NEW Custom Made

NEW For Multiple Part Feeding

A wide range of choice for backlight/toplight applications

Spike Disc is suitable for cylindrical parts