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Machine Tending Solution

Responding to ever-increasing labour shortage and supply chain challenges, Robotiq now offer a Machine Tending Application Solution that makes cobot automation more accessible than ever.

Designed to work with collaborative robots from Universal Robots, the Machine Tending Solution can be easily configured to work with variety of CNC machines, robotic accessories, sensors and setups. The Machine Tending Solution lowers implementation costs by up to 50% and takes less than two hours to go from unboxing to machining the first part— with no coding experience required. The Machine Tending Solution’s functionality centres on the URCap for UR robots: the Machine Tending Copilot. Like Robotiq’s previous ‘Copilot’ software solutions, this provides all the functionality that you will need to deploy a machine tending robot.

This application solution can be customised to support different types of machine tool tending:

  • Single Hand-E gripper – this is suitable for operations where time isn’t critical
  • Dual gripper – Using a dual gripper can reduce the cycle time as the robot can pick up the completed part from the CNC machine and place the next part with a single turn of the arm.
  • Copilot setup – This is suitable if you require a custom gripper for your own specific application.
Robotic machine tending for CNC machines

What are the benefits of the Machine Tending Solution?

There are many benefits to using an automated Machine Tending Solution instead of a manual process.

  • Increased machining capacity – the machine tending solution will always be running and can even run lights-out, increasing your production hours and reducing downtime.
  • Quick deployment – No need to open or alter your machine in any way; external modules manage communication with the machine interface as the Machine Tending Solution will work with any brand of CNC machine. Your application can be set up in three easy steps.
  • Reduce changeover programming times – The Machine Tending Copilot allows for quick deployment and changeover for high-mix, low-volume automation as any batch size can be automated.
Robotiq Machine Tending Solution for automated CNC machine tending