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cobots in food and drink industry

Robotics & Automation Exhibition – 2nd & 3rd November 2021 Coventry Building Society Arena

Demonstrating just how simply automation can be incorporated into a current manufacturing production line, of almost any nature, will be the aim of RARUK Automation’s stand at this year’s Robotics & Automation Exhibition. Live demonstrations will highlight the success of both collaborative and industrial robots, in-situ with automated mobile robots and automated feeding systems.

The latest palletising solution from RARUK Automation is provided by Robotiq. The solution was developed for manufacturers providing essential goods in lower throughput applications, with frequent changes of task and box or pallet size. To be shown with the new Universal Robot arm, the UR10e with a 12kg load capacity – 25% more payload than the previous model – this palletising solution brings many benefits, including flexibility, efficiency and easy set up. It can also be easily integrated with other manufacturing lines, making automated palletising, depalletising, or both, a perfect solution to enhance end-of-line operations. It will be coupled with an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), the MiR500, designed for the transportation of both heavy loads and pallets to help manufacturers increase the efficiency of their operations.

The MiR250 autonomous mobile robot with the ROEQ cart top module will also feature on the RARUK Automation stand; showing just how agile the MiR range is with its extraordinary flexibility and smart technology. With no need for a network of expensive and inflexible wires or sensors to guide its path, the range is simple to integrate and provides a fast return on investment. Several carts can be used in the same fleet to increase the flexibility, payload, capacity and efficiency of the AMRs.

The FlexiBowl® automatic bulk parts feeder from RARUK Automation allows families of parts to be fed into the assembly process regardless of their shape, fragility, material composition, weight and surface characteristics.

The FlexiBowl will be demonstrated with a fully compatible Shibaura Machine SCARA robot that may be used for automating various tasks including pick and place (as per the demonstration) and palletising. This automated system can be used across a variety of industries including: automotive, cosmetic and personal care, medical and electrical components to name but a few. The SCARA robot opens up additional applications including food processing and pharmaceutical.

Meanwhile, an SD35-50 fluid dispenser from AIM ROBOTICS will be applying icing to biscuits on the stand. A Universal Robots UR5 will be guided with the dispenser to a waiting biscuit by a Robotiq vision camera. Once located, the biscuit will receive a pre-programmed and automatically dispensed amount of icing. All are available in the UK from RARUK Automation with their configuration and integration expertise. Likewise, the Robotiq screwdriving solution will show how automating this process can be achieved easily, economically and flexibly. It can handle multiple types of screwdriving operations allowing the task to be added to almost any manufacturing process. It takes just five minutes to re-configure the system for alternative production.

Alongside the automation products from RARUK Automation, visitors will be able to see some of the products for machine building applications that call for the utmost precision and rigidity, involve higher loads or require lifetime zero backlash. A selection of Nabtesco Cycloidal gears will be on show; the Nabtesco gearheads and components sets are precise, compact and robust. Cycloidal gears can be employed on production lines for eMobility and can substantially boost efficiency. These products are among many from the sister company of RARUK Automation, R.A. Rodriguez (UK) Ltd, and are provided with the high level of technical support and ‘know how’ customers have come to rely on.

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