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Extend Robotics human-robot interface software


RARUK Automation, a leading distributor of collaborative robots and automation solutions, have announced a new partnership with Extend Robotics. As a result, RARUK Automation will now offer Extend Robotics’ Advanced Mechanic Assistance System (AMAS) human-robot interface software in the UK. The software uses virtual reality technology to enable a human user to control a Universal Robots collaborative robot remotely.

AMAS is an ideal solution for a wide range of industries, especially those that involve extreme, dangerous environments. Robots can safely access areas that humans cannot. Since the software enables remote robot operation, human operators can maintain complete control without compromising on their health and safety. The new technology is suited to applications like decommissioning nuclear facilities, inspection and maintenance of offshore energy facilities and handling toxic pharmaceutical material to name a few.

Equally, AMAS enables robots to work more effectively alongside humans, making it easier for them to adapt to changing environments and perform complex tasks. The software provides advanced real-time motion control and recording and replay capabilities, making it possible for robots to execute tasks with precision and accuracy. It also allows non-robotic experts to operate and programme robots easily using gesture control.

RARUK Automation are excited to partner with Extend Robotics, adding AMAS to their existing range of Universal Robots cobot solutions. Typically, RARUK Automation help customers automate applications like surface finishing, dispensing, screwdriving, machine tending and palletising with their UR and UR+ product range.

Peter Williamson, Managing Director of RARUK Automation, says: “RARUK Automation are proud to partner with Extend Robotics to provide additional functionality to customers looking to use robots in extreme or unusual environments.”

Similarly, Extend Robotics are looking forward to their technology reaching new users across the UK through the distribution deal.

“We’re thrilled to partner with RARUK to bring our AMAS software to customers across the UK,” says Dr. Chang Liu, CEO of Extend Robotics. “Our software is designed to help companies improve productivity and safety by enabling humans and robots to work together more effectively. With RARUK’s extensive network and expertise, we’re confident that we can reach even more customers and help them achieve their automation goals.”

The partnership between Extend Robotics and RARUK automation represents a powerful combination of technology and expertise. The latest innovation in human-robot collaboration is sure to deliver significant benefits to many UK industries.

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