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UR20 heavy load palletising robot

COBOT PERFORMANCE ON A WHOLE NEW SCALE. The UR20 can achieve faster cycle times, greater reach and ability to handle heavier loads

The latest addition to the RARUK Automation collaborative robot range is the most capable and competitive robot Universal Robots has ever built. The UR 20 is a high performance, 6-axis arm with multiple features that set it apart from other high-payload competitors. It will allow RARUK Automation to engineer collaborative systems capable of handling up 20kg, a big requirement for packaging and palletising.

RARUK Automation is part of a select group of Universal Robot distributors across the world to hold platinum status and the only Platinum Distributor in the UK. The award is proof-positive that the Shefford-based company has achieved the optimum combination of products, resources and expertise to secure multiple sales of tailored automation systems that utilise the key UR benefits of flexibility, safety and quick deployment.

The UR20 will allow the company to apply this winning formula to high-capacity applications and give its customers the benefit of UR’s latest innovation in collaborative automation design. In addition to packaging and palletising, the cobot will benefit manufacturers of all sizes seeking to automate welding, material handling, machine loading and tending.

One of the key features of the new UR20 is its re-designed joints that allows increased speed and torque. This redesign cuts cycle times by up to 65%, as well being able to handle heavier loads, and its reduced complexity with fewer parts improves performance while reducing service requests and downtime.

The new cobot has a reach of 1.75m, allowing it to work to the full height of a standard Euro-pallet. The UR20 also has active vibration dampening software which means the arm can operate at full speed, for longer, even at maximum payload and arm reach. Advanced motion control enables precise control of the load’s position, velocity and acceleration, making it configurable for almost any task.

The UR20 allows manufacturers to increase throughput, boost uptime and scale up production capacity in a small footprint, making it easy to integrate into almost any existing production line.

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