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Robotiq hand-e grippers for Universal Robots


A popular introduction from RARUK Automation last year was the Robotiq Finishing Kit, an-easy-to-integrate solution that allows any Universal Robot to be economically used for finishing wood, plastics, metals, fibreglass, carbon fibre and solid surfaces.

robotic sanding and polishing

Now the latest generation of this kit comes complete with the Robotiq Finishing Copilot software whose weaving motion and variable trajectory planning enables a cobot to adjust its own path. This means the Universal Robot can finish a family of parts without the operator having to adapt the programme.

Copilot’s path generator saves hours of programming time. It allows the user to teach a finishing path on a flat surface from only four variable waypoints that adjust to the part’s size and for custom weaving movements to be easily added.

Complex finishing trajectories can be programmed by teaching fewer than ten waypoints. Finishing Copilot then generates a complete path and applies a consistent force at each cycle, whether it is on a curved or spherical surface; six or nine waypoints respectively.

The contact offset node uses reference points on the part to validate its position. If there is any change, the Universal Robot programme automatically adapts all related parameters.

robotic sanding

This latest development will particularly benefit manufacturers of cabinet doors and those whose production methods include finishing, sanding and polishing. The kit allows operators to use their preferred orbital tool as it is compatible with around 20 tools from leading brands.

Complementing this application-specific development is the latest Universal Robots PolyScope software release that includes new features such as Direct Software Update and Constrained Freedrive which enhances flexibility, making alignment and positioning easier. It also includes improved support for fixed position of waypoint programme nodes for applications such as sanding and added payload support for gripper driver contributions.

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