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Smart Adjustment Unit Boosts Manual Device Positioning

Available in the UK from RARUK Automation, the IEF-Werner domiLINE range of standard manual adjusters is now equipped with a bus interface to complement its electronic position display. The bus-capable positioning greatly simplifies adjustment and is especially time-saving on applications which involve several positional changes, reducing set-up times by up to 30%.

Measuring cameras have to be adjusted, burner nozzles need to be focused and sensors have to be displaced. For many years, domiLINE manual adjustment units have proven to be the optimum choice for such applications. These innovative products are modular, easily retrofitted and endlessly versatile. However, as requirements for efficient and precise operations have become increasingly critical, IEF-Werner has introduced additional capability that dramatically simplifies manual adjustments.

Far more than simply a readout, the new bus interface provides verification that the target position has been achieved. The two-line LCD display carries the current position on its upper line and the target position beneath. As the operator winds the handle towards the target position, the serial bus interface provides feedback to the PLC, delivering visual verification via an LED once the target is reached. If desired, this makes it possible for users to program the PLC so that the system process cannot proceed until the correct positioning has been attained. The operator is able to read off the position up to three decimal places.

The new electronic and bus capable position display can be attached to all linear and rotating adjustment units of the domiLINE family, and can even be easily retrofitted. A further advantage of the interface is the possibility to monitor adjusted positions. This is especially helpful in quality assurance or when verifying documentation. Moreover, it can be guaranteed that positions did not shift during production as a result of vibration, for example.

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