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screwdriving with universal robots cobots


For a human operator, screwdriving is a dull, repetitive and non-ergonomic task. But, for manufacturers it’s a crucial process that can have a significant bearing on the quality and durability of the end product. Automating the process is the obvious answer and a new collaborative robotic screwdriving solution from RARUK Automation Limited allows this to be achieved quickly and with the utmost cost efficiency and flexibility.

The Robotiq Screwdriving Kit comprises all the hardware and software elements needed to convert a collaborative robot into a highly productive screwdriving cell. The screwdriver unit requires no external controller and its robust vacuum system transports screws made from any material; torque range is 1 – 4Nm. Pre-programmed error detection and recovery functions prevent fastening failures. The screw feed unit has a 300cc chamber capacity and can handle both Imperial and metric sizes and range of head types; Hex, Torx etc.

The kit is compatible with all Universal Robots (UR) models, also available from RARUK Automation. Unlike dedicated screwdriving machines, the cobot-based solution is extremely compact and can easily be set-up on a bench top and even on an assemble line, if required.

A Robotiq Screwdriving/UR cell can be up and running in a matter of days, with minimum disruption to other operations, providing a quick return on investment. Key to this is the Robotiq Screwdriving UR Cap that allows easy set-up and simplifies programming because it automates the force-sensing capabilities as well as communication between the screwdriver, screw feed, Universal Robot and vacuum technology. No robotics experience is required.

Consistent screwdriving round the clock helps to minimise product recall and assembly-line downtime. The virtual elimination of injury risk is a natural by-product, not only keeping employees from harm but also allowing them to be directed to value-added tasks.

Unlike conventional screwdriving automation, the RARUK Automation Robotiq solution is extremely flexible. It can easily be re-deployed to other tasks when needed and can handle multiple types of screwdriving operations allowing screwdriving to be added to almost any manufacturing process. Indeed, within the space of just five minutes the system can be re-configured for alternative production.

The application services team at RARUK Automation stand ready to help customers apply the Robotiq Screwdriving solution to their application with proof-of-concept trials that validate cycle times and demonstrate repeatability. We also run regular in-house onsite training courses, covering the basics from Core Training courses to the more advanced, helping you get to grips with – and master – your UR  collaborative robots.

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