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New, Smart Light Collar Shows Cobot Status

Collaborative working between operator and Universal Robot has been elevated to whole new level thanks to an innovative accessory now available from RARUK Automation. YouRing is a smart, programmable device which can easily be mounted to the robot tool flange that gives visual and audible information on robot status.

Wireless connectivity and the URCaps plug-in that is supplied with the YouRing makes this neat and clever device easy to install; URCaps is the accessory platform that enables full integration into Polyscope, the UR GUI for robot programming and operation.  YouRing can then be freely programmed to meet the needs of the application and operator.

As well indicating the direction of travel, YouRing can work to a user selectable safety plan and communicate, for example, when an object has been grasped or assembled correctly or when tolerance needs to be checked.

A rainbow pallet and a choice of coloured LEDs can be assigned to different tasks, they can also flash and create a rotating effect that follows the movement of the arm.   Similarly, the pitch, volume and frequency of the buzzer can be adjusted for various warning functions.

Buttons on YouRing enable the free-drive mode to be selected and execute specific script functions such as turn on a digital output or manually re-activate the robot after a task has been paused.

Certified by Universal Robots for use on its entire range of six-axis robot arms, YouRing is compliant with ISO:TS15066, the standard that specifies safety requirements for collaborative industrial robot systems and the work environment.

Click to watch YouRing in action

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