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Robotiq's Dual Gripper Adapter Plate

New Dual Gripper, Speeds Output and Relieves Tedium

For automation specialists RARUK Automation; Universal Robots and Robotiq grippers & sensors provide the perfect combination for off-the-shelf, customised automation solutions. To widen the scope of this partnership, RARUK Automation has just announced the availability of the new Robotiq Dual Gripper. It is designed specifically for machine tending applications where the robot is required to remove a completed part from the machine and replace it with a new one for processing.

The clear benefit of the Robotiq Dual Gripper is productivity. By having two grippers on the same Universal Robot arm shortens cycle times, creates a more efficient production line and increases output. Indeed, it’s even possible to have two, Dual Grippers on the same robot to boost productivity even further.

One early user of this new combination has reduced changeover times by 50 percent – from 40 minutes to 20 minutes – when compared to loading its PCB products manually. Importantly, this technology also relieves employees of repetitive tasks that can cause physical and mental tiredness, allowing them to move on to more fulfilling roles within the business.

Robotiq’s Karine Simard commented at the Automate Show that Universal Robots is the cobot brand that is the most adapted to the realities of manufacture. She added: “Making our products fit mechanically and software-wise has been very well received in the market.” For RARUK Automation, the collaboration between these OEMs has had a direct bearing on its ability to supply UK customers with automation solutions that are exceptionally easy to programme and use.

The new Robotiq Dual Gripper from RARUK Automation is no exception to this rule. It is therefore suitable for all manufacturers seeking greater productivity and flexibility, whatever their size or level of experience in automation. No coding is required in the set up with the cobot, making integration fast and simple. Programming, maintenance, training and spare parts management are equally easy, saving manufacturers time and money.

This new addition to the Robotiq range can be used for a wide range of parts, making it extremely valuable for subcontractors and manufacturers whose products are made from multiple parts. Larger factories also benefit as it is possible to standardize one gripper for use on all stations.

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