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With their patented intelligent Box Mover Technology, the new EffiMat® systems from RARUK Automation present an attractive new concept for optimised small parts storage and order picking. This technology is now available to UK manufacturers thanks to RARUK Automation’s appointment as a value-added distributor for EffiMat® and it promises benefits in terms of speed, accuracy of pick, flexibility and space-saving.

In common with Universal Robots and MiR – both which are represented by RARUK Automation – EffiMat® is based in Odense, Denmark’s ‘Robotic Valley’. The innovative technology that has emerged from this area has made automation affordable and accessible to all and it is a perfect fit for RARUK Automation, a company that specialises in easy automation.

EffiMat® takes advantage of factory roof space by storing inventory in towers that have a small footprint. Up to 5 boxes containing the required parts are simultaneously and automatically delivered to the picking station for manual selection or the system can operate fully autonomously with, for example, a Universal Robot picking the part.


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