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small parts high speed pick and storage system

IMHX 2019 24th – 27th September 2019, NEC

At our first appearance at IMHX, RARUK Automation will showcase a new intelligent, small parts pick and storage system with huge time saving benefits. The new EffiMat® system with patented Box Mover Technology, can pick five items at the same time from different positions within its vertical shelving systems and deliver them all to the picking station on the same tray. This is in sharp contrast to established competitor systems that require a single item to be picked before the code can be entered for the next. This makes the Effimat the fastest and most accurate VLM available to the UK market.

What makes RARUK Automation stand out from the crowd are its products that always offer a unique edge and its own technical competence and applications know-how that enables these products to be freely combined to create optimal, off-the-shelf automation solutions. Many of these will feature at IMHX.

Among its most popular products are the MiR autonomous mobile robots. These have taken industry by storm thanks to their extraordinary flexibility and smart technology. A key benefit of the MiR system is that it requires no network of expensive and inflexible wires or sensors to guide its path. So, it’s simple to integrate and provides a fast return on investment.

Several models cater for various payloads and they are all designed to be collaborative. Multiple built-in safety features, including dynamic safe zone monitoring, ensure the robots manoeuvre efficiently around people and objects in highly dynamic warehouse environments.

The latest addition to the range is the MiR 1000 which extends the capacity of the fleet to 1000 kg making it the perfect choice for heavier pallets. It provides even greater scope for companies to optimise their internal transportation of heavy loads and pallets, allowing employees to focus on higher-value activities.

Another industry first from MiR is artificial intelligence-based navigation which works with strategically placed cameras that function as an extended set of robot sensors to enable even better route-planning and driving behaviour. Specifically, the enhancement allows the robot to detect and recognise different moving obstacles and react accordingly. For example, it will continue driving as usual if it detects a person but will park if a forklift truck is detected, allowing it to drive by.

Another focus topic for RARUK Automation at IMHX is push-pull actuation using chain. Its flagship product in this field is Grob LinearChain which has a special profile with interlocking fingers that allows it to become a rigid thrust device to push a guided load, such as on a linear slide or rail. The LinearChain simply rolls up and is therefore particularly suited to applications calling for long strokes where space is at a premium. It provides high positioning accuracy, constant stroke speed and shock-free motion with no elastic hysteresis under load.

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