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Servo press aiPRESS100kN


A new top-end addition to the RARUK Automation aiPRESS range of IEF Werner electric servo presses extends the force capacity of the series to 100 kN. In common with its forerunners, the aiPRESS 100 automatically combines precision positioning with high accuracy force measurement. It’s ideal for high precision joining and a wide variety of forming applications, typically the joining/assembly of bearings and bushings and the forming/upsetting of connecting elements and shafts.

With a weight of around 650kg, this heavier duty model is able to press larger components with a workspace of 350mm at a force up to 100kN and a repeat accuracy of a few microns or ≤ 0.003 mm. Key to its precision is a fixed and torsion-resistant steel C-frame for maximum rigidity. The design ensures the servo drive always works under optimal operating conditions and the operator can adapt process factors such as feed force, travel speed, positioning time and accuracy to suit the application.

Servo press aiPRESS IEF Werner

The operator benefits from an ergonomic and user-friendly set-up and operating concept at the heart of which is the aiQ control. This force-displacement monitor graphically displays the pressing process, monitors its progress and includes various functions such as envelope curves, windows and force-path barriers. It allows the operator to keep a constant eye on the measured and related variables and fine tune the values to achieve the optimal result.

The pressing process can also include embossed information such as the part number and production date, an important feature for many industries. All inspection results can be transmitted to a quality management system via TCP/IP or simply stored on the internal hard drive, a server, or other data carrier such as a USB stick.

A lot of emphasis on safe operation was placed in the development of the aiPRESS range. When in use as a stand-alone system, an NC-controlled transparent protective cover completely encloses the working area during the pressing process. Users can also integrate the flexibly designed aiPRESS range into automated production lines via several standardised software or simple I/O interfaces.

The introduction of the aiPRESS 100 extends the range to four models with a press force from 3kN up to 100kN; workspace from 100mm to 350mm; stroke from 75mm to 200mm and outreach from 45mm to 84mm. As well as precision pressing and joining, the servo press machines can be used for sizing and calibration, deep-drawing, fastening and riveting, swaging, clinching, stamping, embossing and straightening.

Servo Press electromechanical joining quality and process control

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