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The latest addition to the RARUK Automation MiR range is the autonomous, mobile industrial robot that warehouses and factories have been waiting for. The MiR 1000 extends the payload capacity of the fleet to 1000kg making it the perfect choice for heavier pallets. It provides even greater scope for companies to optimise their internal transportation of heavy loads and pallets and allows employees to focus on higher-value activities.

In common with the established MiR 500 mobile robot that has proved immensely popular in the UK, the MiR 1000 offers a safe and efficient alternative to traditional forklifts and trucks. It allows hassle-free, fully automated logistics workflow, saving both time and money.

With optional pallet lifts, the MiR 1000 can easily pick up and transport Euro and other pallets onto pallet stations ensuring their smooth and seamless delivery to the destination. Flexible deployment for different tasks is made possible by a choice of top modules which allow a wide range of items to be transported.

Both the MiR 500 and MiR 1000 operate without the need to change the layout of the warehouse or factory as the function of guidewires, magnets and QR codes is replaced by sophisticated navigation software. They are also designed to be collaborative and have multiple built-in safety features including dynamic safe zone monitoring that ensures the robots manoeuvre efficiently around people and objects, even in highly dynamic environments.

Users of the MiR 1000 simply download CAD files of the facility to the robot or use its laser scanners to plot a map. It then autonomously navigates to find the most efficient path to its destination. And when it meets and obstacle, it automatically re-routes to avoid transport delays. The on-board 3D cameras have a range of up to 1,700mm above floor level to detect pallets.

It can also cover long distances, at up to 1.2m/sec, making it the perfect fit for large factory spaces. It can be operated continuously for eight hours and when the battery is running low, the robot will automatically navigate its way to the nearest MiR charging station; battery recharge takes just one hour.

The control with intuitive MiR robot interface via smartphone, tablet or PC is easily programmed without the need for any previous experience and the robot can also be integrated into an ERP system for a fully automated solution. All software is included and requires no additional IT infrastructure.

The MiR 1000 is compliant with ISO-EN 13849, ISO/CD 3691-4, EN1525, and fulfils the EMC requirement for industrial and light industrial use.

This new addition to the RARUK Automation MiR fleet will be one of the hot topics discussed at the company’s forthcoming Breakfast Event on flexible and cost-effective automation. Anyone interested in registering for this event at the Double-Tree Hilton in Milton Keynes on Tuesday 11th June should contact

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