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From Distributor to Preferred Partner

Automation and drive components specialist, RARUK Automation started the New Year as Universal Robots’ newly confirmed preferred partner in the UK. This status is a testament to the company’s superior sales performance in recent years but most importantly it gives RARUK Automation customers even greater resources throughout the sales and integration process and beyond.

Universal Robots are becoming increasingly popular for collaborative working as they can operate without screening and have many adjustable safety settings. These extremely versatile six-axis robots can be programmed to perform an impressive range of tasks with a high degree of accuracy. A further advantage is easy programming; a robot can be up and running within a few hours of being unpacked.

“Our preferred partner status is valuable for our customers as it gives them an additional level of technical support and priority access to Universal Robot resources such as training and applications expertise,” explained Andrew Mason, Automation Manager at RARUK Automation. “This complements the knowhow we have in-house. Indeed our engineering knowledge has been pivotal in RARUK Automation increasing Universal Robot sales in the UK by 300% in just twelve months.”

The affordability and ease of use that characterises these multi-tasking robots, combined with the engineering and support talents of RARUK Automation have resulted in many companies across a wide range of industrial sectors integrating automation into their processes. And it is to reflect the growing importance of automation at RARUK Automation that the company has recently relaunched its website,

The site gives equal weight to the three main elements of its business; Automation, Engineering Components and Robots and provides many application examples that demonstrate how the company’s engineering expertise has helped to achieve the best solution.

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