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UR Authorised Training Centre in Shefford, Bedfordshire

Dedicated Universal Robots Training Centre – A UK ‘First’

RARUK Automation has opened the UK’s first Universal Robots Authorised Training Centre at its headquarters in Shefford. This development will allow the company’s certified UR trainers to provide tuition in collaborative robot programming, empowering UK customers to get the very best return from their UR investment.

Universal Robots is central to RARUK Automation providing easy and flexible automation solutions for its customers. Its range of cobots are lightweight, space-saving and easy to re-deploy to multiple applications with the help of a wide variety of UR-approved apps and accessories. Indeed, one of the main objectives in RARUK Automation moving to its new premises was to extend its applications engineering facilities to assist customers in the development of bespoke solutions based on off-the-shelf automation elements.

To lower the barrier to automation, Universal Robots were developed to be easily accessible regardless of users’ robotics experience or backgrounds. They are exceptionally easy to install and set-up but naturally, as users become more knowledgeable and confident, they become keen to develop their skills.

To meet the need for a skills development pathway the Universal Robots Academy created on-line training modules to provide the necessary tuition. The establishment of its Authorised Training Centre Network, of which RARUK Automation is now part, allows these modules to be delivered in a local, classroom environment. They cover core to advanced cobot programming, including cobot scripting, preventative maintenance, system troubleshooting and parts replacement.

Beyond that, RARUK Automation has the benefit of its new showroom and R&D laboratory facilities to provide hands-on experience of real-life applications to broaden users’ understanding of the cobots’ wide-ranging potential. This knowledge will allow UK manufacturers – and SME’s in particular – to raise production quality while increasing productivity with minimal additional cost and manpower requirements.

“Universal Robots has helped companies address the automation skills gap by providing online training modules through its Academy for a couple of years now,” explains Mark Gray, UK Sales Manager at Universal Robots. “Through our partnership with application specialists, such as RARUK Automation in the UK, we can now expand that training to hands-on classes so manufacturers can extend their use of collaborative robots and drive even more value from their automation investments and employees.”

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