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Cobot Force Control With High Sensitivity

Universal Robots collaborative robots and Robotiq grippers are already a popular combination for RARUK Automation customers and one that is made even more powerful by the choice available.  RARUK Automation is the only supplier in the UK to offer the complete range of Robotiq off-the-shelf 2-finger, 3-finger and dual grippers and 6-axis torque force sensor.

The Robotiq FT 300 multi-axis torque force sensor is designed specifically for operation with Universal Robots.  This sensor has a measuring range of ±300N and RARUK Automation has just confirmed that its sensitivity has now been increased tenfold.

With plug-and-play integration on all models of Universal Robots, the Robotiq FT 300 performs highly repeatable, precision force control tasks such as finishing, product testing, assembly and precise part insertion.

The Robotiq FT 300 force torque sensor comes complete with an updated version of URCap software, Universal Robots’ platform that allows hardware components, software plug-ins or a combination of both to extend cobot capability. It ensures quick integration, application security and reduced cost.

URCap also includes a new calibration routine, a step-by-step procedure that guides the user through the process in less than two minutes.  A new dashboard provides real-time force and moment readings on all six axes.

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