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Easy and cost-effective automation is the theme of the RARUK Automation display at this year’s UKIVA Machine Vision Conference. The products and systems the company sells in the UK have been carefully selected to be freely combined to provide the best solution for any given application.

To demonstrate the potential of this off-the-shelf approach, RARUK Automation will be showcasing two systems, the basis of which are UR e-Series collaborative robots. These latest generation machines enable faster development for a wider variety of applications, even easier programming and, of course, compliance with CAT3 PLd.

Three Robotiq innovations are included on the first URe demonstration – the Robotiq Vision System that is designed specifically to work with the UR and is equally easy to set-up and integrate and the new Robotiq Hand-e gripper. As its name suggests, this product is the first UR+ certified electric gripper ready for the e-Series. High accuracy combined with a 50mm parallel stroke makes it perfect for precision assembly tasks.

Also new is the Robotiq Force Copilot whose sensing functions increase flexibility and reliability in machine-tending, assembly, finishing and pick & place applications. A suite of set-up tools allows the user to hand-guide the robot on complex trajectories.

The software makes it easy to place objects precisely in jigs, trays and chucks and facilitates assembly applications through alignment, indexing and insertion functions. Finally, the intuitive interface unlocks finishing applications, with adjustable adaptive compliance and constant force for all robot axes.

The second RARUK Automation UR e-Series demonstration features the latest, top-of-the-range addition from Pick-it™. This is the new M-HD high definition 3D camera for the detection of almost any small and medium sized objects with even higher accuracy, whatever their material of manufacture.

Pick-it allows any camera supported automation application to be built without expert help. There’s no need for complicated programming, Pick-it guides the robot to see, pick and place products from bins, boxes, pallets and tables onto a CNC machine, assembly line, conveyor belt, welding station or work bench.

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