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Automated tray handlers for palletising


Automation specialist, IEF Werner, can equip component palletisers in the varioSTACK series with up to six shafts, for flexible factory automation and demand-orientated material flow. This autonomous, modular system is suitable for a diverse range of applications, including the automotive component sector as well as the pharmaceutical and health and beauty industry. In the UK, customers also benefit from the technical and commercial guidance and expertise of RARUK Automation Ltd when specifying and integrating equipment into existing or new production lines.

Starting with a more traditional two shaft version of the varioSTACK, customers have the ability to handle two types of tray – one for ‘raw’ components and one for finished parts – ideal for smaller lines with less reliant automated equipment.

When production lines need an uninterrupted supply of components, the automation specialist can equip the palletisers in the varioSTACK series with up to six shafts. Among other things, this allows product changeover within the line cycle – without interrupting production. The operator can process several product variants simultaneously and the system has a second pallet table for this purpose. Both component types are placed on the respective tables. In this way, it is possible to switch between the two variants without any loss of cycle time. During operation, the operator can preload a second product by simply inserting a new product into an empty shaft and then assign the new programme to the shaft via the control system. The compact design of the varioSTACK component palletiser system suits applications with limited space.

The varioSTACK pallet handling model complements the range and is ideal for connection to any robots or customer-specified product handling equipment. It too allows for stack changes without interruption to the production cycle.

Many products, especially in medical technology, the pharmaceutical or health and beauty sectors, are processed in cleanrooms and the varioSTACK CF together with an integrated IEF Werner product handling solution allow manufacturers to benefit from short cycle times within cleanroom conditions – Class 8 according ISO 14644-1. The varioSTACK CF can pick up loaded trays weighing up to 20 kilograms and the tray changing time is less than 5 seconds. The product handling gripper can pick up components weighing up to 5 kilograms (including the gripper) and has a repeat accuracy of ±0.05 millimetres.

You can see the varioSTACK operating with carriage and belt loading facilities in our video.

The IEF component palletising systems are aligned with flexible factory automation and demand-oriented material flow. All versions within the range are particularly suitable for integration into processing centres, SCARA robots and transport routes involving AMRs. Axes are servo controlled and equipped with absolute encoders technology which makes reference runs – e.g. at restart or opening of doors – unnecessary. RARUK Automation has the expertise and experience to help no matter what the customer requirements entail.

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