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UV-C Solutions

With the combination of the ER-FLEX and UVx1 application kit we are able to offer a unique robotic UV-C solution to the UK market. The UVx1 is an automatic UV-C light solution designed for the disinfection of bacteria and virus hotspots, reducing the majority of viruses and bacteria by 99.9%.

Enabled Robotics UV-C Solutions

The UVx1 application kit can be customised to work with any Universal Robot (UR) arm, which in turn can be mounted on a MiR100 or MiR200 for mobility.

Designed to disinfect surfaces, corners and cracks, where cleaning and dispensing is difficult, the robot can be programmed to both an optimal speed and motion to distribute the right dose of UV-C light required.

Example deployment areas:

  • Shops (entrance areas, handles, toilets, fridges etc)
  • Pharma and biotech industries (production tools, lab equipment)
  • Schools and hospitals (surfaces in classrooms, medical equipment)
  • Offices and public areas (printers, keyboards, reception counters, waiting rooms etc)