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High Payload AMR Robots

AutoGuide AMRs are modular, high payload, industrial autonomous mobile robots.

They are ideal for tugging and/or lifting heavy payloads in industries such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Distribution
  • E-commerce Distribution

Designed to work alongside any established human and automation workforce, these AMRs are robust and capable of tugging loads up to 6,800kg, lifting payloads up to 1,200kg and traveling speeds of up to 4mph with a full load.

AutoGuide AMRs can fit seamlessly into any facility and be easily integrated with existing WMS as well as order management and inventory management applications.

Much like MiR AMRs, these robots are extremely safe; no complex infrastructure is required as each AutoGuide AMR robot has wayfinding sensors built in, eliminating the need for floor tape, RFID tags, mirrors or reflectors to be installed at your facility.

The fleet control software can run on your existing server and Wi-Fi network.

Autoguide High Payload AMR Robots


The MAX-N Base AMR allows you to reconfigure and reassign a single AMR to do multiple jobs and meet the ever-changing needs on your facility floor. The high payload adapter can be configured with the MAX-N Pallet Stacker and the MAX-N Tugger, to suit your application needs.

The robots operate safely around people by using high-resolution LiDAR and SLAM technologies which enable real-time facility mapping and obstacle detection—even in low-light conditions.

Meeting and exceeding ANSI and CE safety standards for driverless industrial vehicles, each robot has a non-contact collision avoidance system for both forward and reverse travel.

These AMR robots maximise uptime in various ways, such as:

  • Using automatic opportunity charging
  • Travelling the most efficient route
  • Travelling at industry-leading speeds up to 4mph with a full load
Autoguide MAX-N Base AMR Robot

MAX-N Pallet Stacker

The MAX-N Pallet Stacker is an autonomous counterbalanced forklift that can autonomously pick and place pallets from a variety of heights and locations, including:

  • Floor level
  • Racks up to 5-feet high
  • Trailer decks
  • Conveyors

Standard payload capacity is 800kg, with a high-capacity version also avaiable for up to 1,200kg.

With its smart pallet finding capability, the MAX-N Pallet Stacker can pick pallets even from the most difficult locations, such as, picking pallets that have been displaced from their expected location:

  1. The vehicle sensors identify the pallet, its location and orientation
  2. The MAX-N Pallet Stacker dynamically chooses a new travel plan for a successful pick

A desired pallet can also be picked from a stack of pallets.

Autoguide MAX-N Pallet Stacker

MAX-N Tugger

The MAX-N Tugger is an autonomous tow tractor that transports a train of trailers from point to point within industrial facilities. AutoGuide’s autonomous tuggers help to streamline daily workflow and efficiency of operations for warehousing and manufacturing facilities across industries.

The maximum towing capacity is 4,536kg.

Typical applications within industrial manufacturing that the MAX-N Tugger can assist with include:

  • Feeding materials or sub-assemblies to work cells
  • Moving products through the manufacturing process
  • Transporting finished goods

Tuggers are also commonly used in distribution centres to transport products between the shipping docks and storage areas.

Autoguide- MAX-N Tugger

Mobile ASRS

AutoGuide’s flexible, agile AMRs can do more than store and retrieve goods in a defined area of operation. By adding AMR innovation to traditional ASRS, AutoGuide Mobile ASRS brings autonomous efficiency to smaller footprints across your facility floor, from staging and buffering zones to lineside.

AutoGuide Mobile Autonomous Storage and Retrieval System (Mobile ASRS) offers the precision inventory management of traditional crane-based systems—but with the flexibility of AMRs to move throughout your facility, guided by innovative software.

AutoGuide Mobile ASRS works with your existing racking system and pallets to deliver ASRS at a fraction of the price and footprint.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with existing racks, pallets, and software systems
  • Average deployment 3-6 months
  • Costs 60-70% less than traditional, crane-based ASRS
  • Increases workforce safety in high bay facilities
Autoguide Mobile ASRS