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Safeguard your Universal Robot with a Protection Cover & Screen Protector

Once you have invested in a Universal Robot, we understand how important it is to keep the teach pendant safe and to avoid any downtime and unexpected expenses.

This is why we offer Protection Covers for both the CB and e-Series Collaborative Robots.

Manufactured from shock-absorbing and chemical resistant Elastomer, our Protection Cover guards the teach pendant from extreme manufacturing conditions and accidental falls (up to 2.80m). The cover protects the exposed components which are most often damaged when the pendant hits the ground.

With their unique design, Protection Covers are made to increase the safety of the teach pendant without drastically modifying its shape and functionality.

In addition to the Protective Cover, we also offer a Protective Film for the Touch Screen Teach Pendant to prevent any scratches and damage as well as minimise downtime.

Download the Protection Cover for CB Series Brochure 

Download the Protection Cover for e-Series Brochure 

Protective Cover for Universal Robots

Protective Covers for Universal Robots