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Automated non-contact inspection and measurement

Vectro®2 is a traceable, automated non-contact gauging system. This innovative inspection system can measure a wide variety of parameters – gap and flush, edge, radius, chamfer, angle and many other critical features in the manufacturing process.

The Vectro®2 automates checking of parts against their dimensional specification with real-time, data-driven decisions for QC and process control actions.

Thanks to the violet laser technology used in the Vectro®2’s T-series sensor heads, it can be confidently used on challenging surfaces such as high gloss paint, glass, plastics, bare metal and fabrics.

Automated robot inspection

The Vectro®2 for Universal Robots kit - The UR+ certified URCap software plug-in for the UR e-Series

Fully compatible with any of the Universal Robots e-Series cobots, Vectro®2 provides an advanced automated non-contact inspection and measurement system that can function safely alongside human operators without the need for fences, light curtains, or other cumbersome safety devices.

  • Plug and play package of pre-configured hardware and software
  • UR+ Certified URCap provides full integration within Universal Robots Polyscope environment.
  • Easy graphical programming environment
  • Easily create powerful data-driven inspection and measurement processes
  • Dramatically improved productivity for rapid return on investment.

What is included in the Solution Pack for Universal Robots:

  • UR+ Certified software plugin for teach pendant
  • Custom VChange2 sensor mount kit
  • Vectro®2 for Universal Robots User Guide
  • Cable guide kit (Dresspack) – model specific
Automated non-contact inspection and measurement, Vectro®2

Powerful 2D Profile Measurement Capability

In conjunction with a T-Series sensor head, Vectro®2 measures and inspects discrete 2D profiles in a wide range of industrial applications in:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Power generation
  • Consumer goods manufacturing facilities

What are the benefits of automated inspection and measurement?

  • Eliminates human error and ensures accurate results every time.
  • T-Series sensor heads come with full calibration certificates for proper traceability.
  • Compatible with the latest generation of cobots and industrial robots.
Automated non-contact inspection and measurement, Vectro®2